back to school bites + bevies

Back to School Bites + Bevies



Elevate your kiddos lunches and apres school snacks to stay fueled + full  for the day … optimize their focus for learning … and fight off those ever present germs of back-to-school goin'!

For all those super moms + dads out there, here are some super foods to take your standard lunch bites up a notch {or 10 notches} for your super kids!

PB + J

Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery Squirrelly Bread is high fiber and sweetened with raisin nectar. The complex carbs of sprouted grains fuel the brain and vitamins B and C give a boost of focus and mental alertness.     

Good Spread Probiotic Peanut Butter is naturally protein packed plus a dose of probiotics [the good bugs!] for digestion. And … Crofter’s Organic Superfruit Jelly is loaded with Wild cranberries and blueberries blended with red grapes and morello cherries to pack an antioxidant punch to keep their lil’ immune systems riding high.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 8.08.43 PM.png


Drinks + Veggies

When has a veggie not gotten squished … or looked far-from-ideally-appetizing when packed in that lunch pail!? I say drink em’ up!

Bonafide Organic Drinkable Veggies! Vegetable juice reinvented this is organic, farm-fresh vegetables with handcrafted, organic bone broth for a powerhouse combination that makes drinking veggies tasty + nourishing. Need to pour kidz-size!? I am obsessed with these Drink in the Boxes - the world’s only reusable drink box and they are BPA free. And...slip on their slick Ice on the Box to keep things cool.

Good Belly Organic PlusShot is packed with billions of belly-balancing probiotics PLUS essential vitamins, antioxidants and calcium. It’s a deliciously fruity, dairy-free shot — the perfect daily dose of the good stuff you need to maintain a healthy, balanced system. DYK 70% of your immune system is in your gut … so this shot is the first line of defense immune booster that kids need in the school zone!

Pack’em with Snack'ems

A couple options of sweet + savory … and I always say the more, the better! Let the kiddos eat what they will {kids love options!} and then whatever they bring home is ready to snack on then and there.

Once again I have my yearly ‘boxes’ because who wants to just throw away a bunch of plastic bags everyday!? These double sided Snack in the Boxes rock!

Rhythm Superfoods Beet Chips are one crispy veggie! Kids love crunch … and these naturally sweet beets are dehydrated and remain packed full of nitrates, fiber, and potassium for yummy health bites!

Theo’s Coconut Turmeric Chocolate Clusters are a combination of crispy quinoa, toasted coconut and 50 mg of cocoa flavanols combined with ground turmeric in 60% dark chocolate. Turmeric is great for brain health and memory, and cocoa flavanols are unique phytonutrients found naturally in cocoa beans support healthy blood flow.

Barnana Organic Coconut Banana bites are simply organic bananas and organic coconut that are high in fiber and potassium {to keep those muscles moving --- hello recess!} and has zero added sugar like other chewy/gummy bites typically do.



Living Intentions Superfood Popcorn in Cinnamon Twist is a paradigm shift in popcorn! We think so! These pops may taste like a cheat-day pastry, but every bite is bursting with the superfood goodness of maca root, mesquite pod and maple … and.... 2 billion CFUs of friendly probiotic cultures in each bag to support immune health and promote well-being.

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All lunches for 17-18 school year will be packed in brand spankin’ new Parkland Rodeo Lunch Kit which is superbly insulated, has an easy-to-clean liner and a front zip snack pocket … lunchtime has never been so hip!


Apres school

When the kids come running in the door replenish their minds and bodies with yummy protein packed snack. Keep it simple though!  Mom + Dad you’ll love this afternoon bite too … because after all isn't your day just beginning …. again!?

Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free Everything Bagels have the savory blend of garlic, onion, poppy and sunflower seeds baked right into the 100% whole grain dough -- but are also dairy, soy and nut free too! Topped with a deluxe schmeer of Kite Hill Chive cream cheeses style spread which is almond based so high in protein and heart healthy unsaturated fats within a complex flavor and velvety smooth texture. Each batch is cultured to add depth, sweetness, and a subtle tang.


Open a bag of Hippeas Chick Pea Puffs in Sriracha Sunshine which are gluten free and loaded with good vibes, 3 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein per serving!

What is an after school afternoon without some dunkin’!?  This momma has baked off some Cappello's grain free and plant based chocolate chip cookies for a nutrient-dense, low-glycemic treat. And we’re dipping these into Petit Pot dark chocolate pot de creme for the deliciousness win!

And for that last hold-onto-summer-hope WtrmlnWtr cold pressed watermelon juice which is luscious hydration loaded with potassium, amino acids and antioxidants, only 60 calories and soooooo good on the rocks!