beautiful trends

Beautiful Trends

some unexpected ingredients making quite a buzz in the beauty world



Crystal + gemstone infused cosmetics

Naturally brighten and illuminate your complexion … they works on a cellular level to keep skin cells thriving energetically … and part of this booming beauty trend that everyone is digging, well, the good + gorgeous vibes of course!

Herbivore’s Brighten Pineapple + Gemstone Mask is rich in micronized Brazilian Tourmaline gemstone to naturally brighten + illuminate your complexion. It also creates a slight warming effect and increases circulation within the top layers of the skin leading to healthier skin cells + more vibrant skin.

Pacifica’s Crystal Infused cosmetics collection includes and eyeshadow, highlighter + beauty oils. Breathtaking Aromapower Micro-Batch Perfume Oil is a crystal-infused + plant-powered modern aromatherapy with essential oils & plant extracts. Pacifica's incredible 10-well coconut infused eye shadow palette uses multicolored, flipping mineral crystals in each super wearable color. Velvety finish with a gorgeous payoff. The Rainbow Crystals Liquid Mineral Strobe Multi-Use Highlighter is the coolest product you will use this year! Pacifica's incredible take on the highlighting strobe, these liquid mineral colors apply with a magical wand, and go on smoothly anywhere you want a perfect glow. Boost your aura and get out of this world highlights anywhere this magic wand kisses your face and body. Any true beauty knows that it's what's inside that matters! 100% vegan and cruelty-free.



Bodyography’s glitter pigment is spectacularly incorporates the saturation of a loose pigment, the cushion of a cream, and the silkiness of a powder displaying sparkling glitter with a pearl finish.




Tea for tight skin.

Fresh’s Black Tea Serum to firm the skin + improve elasticity through superfood ingredients: black tea ferment, black tea extract, blackberry leaf extract, and lychee seed extract. The fast-absorbing moisturizing treatment has a corset-like effect on the skin, giving the appearance of a more defined, contoured complexion.



Green Tea and White Tea are the anti-aging superstars in True Botanical’s RENEW line of oils, serums, washes and masks. So many beauty products are formulated water as a base … though tea delivers antioxidants and polyphenols with their astringent, toning, and anti-inflammatory properties, and white tea is also a powerful anti aging agent, inhibiting enzymes that attack collagen and elastase.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 1.51.43 PM.png


Herbivore’s Jasmine Green Tea Toner is luxe + light Organic Jasmine water infused with oil-reducing antioxidant rich Green Tea, blemish fighting White Willow Bark, soothing Aloe Vera and toning Witch Hazel in a botanically balancing blend.

Davines Energizing collection is designed for fragile hair and powered with the catechins of Green Tea Extract, the most active and powerful anti-free radical + anti-inflammatory molecules. The line includes: energy complex, superactive, gel, thickening  tonic + shampoo.



Super Fruits + Plant Extracts to brighten, tone + purify the skin.

Edible Beauty’s Desert Lime Flawless Micro-Exfoliant with Strawberry + Lime fruit extracts works to brighten, tone and purify the skin.



Beauty Pie’s Fruitizyme Five Minute Facial is a most fabulous do-it-yourself facial peel with cell-renewing pomegranate enzymes, and anti-free-radical stem cells from raspberries -- this triple-tasking, leave-on peeling mask is a marvel.


Joanna Vargas Rescue Serum is an oil-based serum that contains Vitamin C and elderberry extract to brighten skin, boost radiance and even pigmentation.



Treets Traditions with cranberry seed oil are inspired by ancient practices around the world. Treet Traditions searches the globe for valuable knowledge and traditions of body care to enrich these ancient old traditions with the knowledge we have today.



Volition Turmeric Brightening Polish for Face and Body contains turmeric to brighten, smooth and soften skin, an ingredient that has been used in the Indian culture for centuries as part of women’s daily beauty routines.

Turmeric Brightening Polish for Face and Body.jpg


Oribe Gold Lust Pre-Shampoo Treatment contains their signature complex of: Watermelon, Lychee and Edelweiss Flower Extracts to defend hair from oxidative stress, photoaging and the deterioration of natural keratin all while protecting from the drying, damaging and color-depleting effects of the elements. This luxurious “balm-to-oil” treatment mask is applied directly to dry hair before you shower, and intensely repairs damaged strands and strengthens the cuticle.



IGK LOW KEY is a game-changing, scalp scrub that contains sugar (opposed to salt) as well as apple cider vinegar to combat irritation and provides an optimal environment for healthy hair.

R+Co FREEWAY contains the superfood spirulina and is the first aerolized spray gel that creates definition for all hair types without leaving strands feeling hard or crunchy.

FREEWAY Defining Spray Gel.jpg


Saavy Natural Bay Rum + Hemp + Quinoa Protein Shampoo + Conditioner is a tress revitalizer beneficial for all hair types. The formula contains quinoa protein, argan oil and vibrant green hemp oil to nourish + condition without weighing hair down.



Function of Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner is created for each of us with a user-friendly product production process starts with a simple online hair quiz outlining hair type, 5 ultimate hair goals and personalized preferences including colors, fragrance and fragrance strength. Function of Beauty’s scientifically-developed algorithm then interprets that data, inputs the appropriate information into their systems, allocating both specific ingredients and specific amounts (down to 0.01% ml.) for your personalized, technologically-advanced formula delivered straight to your door. With 12 billion custom combinations, no formula has ever been made twice. Each hair goal is made with natural key ingredients for optimal performance including: Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Extract, Ginger Root, Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Milk. All Function of Beauty formulas are sulfate-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free and free of toxins.



Davines, The Renewing Line are specifically formulated to maintain the wellbeing of scalp and hair, and anti-aging. Key active ingredients are: Maqui Berry Extract, a super fruit with awesome antioxidant powers and Spinach Extract which contains vitamins and minerals essential for healthy scalp and hair that block the glycation process thanks to vitamin B9.



OUAI Smooth Spray is a leave-in conditioner spray with amino acid blends that detangles hair and tames frizz, while adding hydration and shine with its unique blend of ingredients.



Living Proof Nourishing Oil is formulated with Moringa oil, Jojoba oil and Seabuckthorn oil {among other amazing oils} by scientists to closely mimic the fatty acid composition found naturally in hair, and is paired it with their patented OFPMA technology, an ingredient that blocks frizz and lowers surface tension (to help the formula spread more evenly). It gives an extra dose of nourishment to the hair that needs it most.



Rituel De Fille Ash + Ember eye soot is a magical concoction of intense, smoldering, everlasting color with a rich texture between powder and cream. This unique product is made with pure pigments and oils. It does not contain any waxes, so won’t melt with the warmth of your skin, making it highly resistant to creasing and fading. The Inner Glow Creme Pigment is rich with Jojoba seed oil and gives way to a dewy matte look and this little compact can be used on any part of the face: cheeks, lips or eyes.


Au Naturale Lip Stain is loaded with ethically sourced cocoa seed butter and shea butter fruit to nourish your lips + delivery deep color. The Creme de la Creme Shadow delivers striking pigmentation and nourishment with meadowfoam seed oil + jojoba seed oil.



Smith & Cult The Shining Lip Lacquer in Marriage No. 2 is a high-shine, moisturizing lip gloss that contains natural coconut essence and portulaca pilosa extract, and is gluten-free, paraben-free + vegan.



Note Cosmetics Mattermoist Lipstick and Terracotta Blusher is rich in Macadamia Oil to retain moisture + give way to glowing shine.


Beauty TECH.

Amika’s Polished Perfection Straightening Brush uses Negative Ions to polish hair to perfection by closing the hair’s cuticle to deliver shiny and smooth {frizz free!} long-lasting style.



One Two Lash delivers a dramatic lash line of long, thick + luxurious lashes in a snap with via their patent pending micro-magnetic technology.



Mira Skin is a state-of-the-art ultrasound facial device that brings the skin care benefits of a luxury spa treatment -  home - via the Activeboost Wand, which uses gentle ultrasound technology to prevent + reverse the signs of aging.



AQUIS Waffle Luxe Hair Towels are made with Aquitex, an innovative fabric woven from ultra-fine fibers to create a lightweight material with superior water-wicking capabilities that dries hair quickly + gently, and wraps + tucks easily. Dries hair to a damp stage fast, with less friction to minimize frizz and damage.



The Pebco Ultra Light Hair Dryer is made tourmaline for heat + hair protection, and is super lightweight with a most powerful motor powerful styles.

Marilyn Brush uses the finest materials including ceramic barrels, natural boar bristles and an hourglass design for comfort during styling.


Charcoal to naturally pulls away impurities.  

Faves include: Beekman 1802 activated charcoal face scrub, Schmidt’s Naturals Charcoal + Magnesium deodorant.

stick_charcoal_2x_cb958126-7613-4d0d-93aa-4bd1777dbd50_1000x1000 (1).jpg


The Joanna Vargas Miracle Bar contains charcoal + shea butter to detoxify the skin while being hydrating and is gentle enough for the face + body.