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A few clips from FOX 31 Good Day Colorado and the Everyday Show ... stay tuned for more.


Chatting Beauty Trends on FOX 31 Good Day Colorado. Some unexpected ingredients making quite a buzz in the beauty world!

Automobile Ride Sanity Savers on FOX 31 Everyday ShowWeather you have a car full of your own kids or the neighborhood gang, we spend hours a week in the car simply driving these kids around…from school to extracurricular activities, to playdates, running errands.

As crazy as these afternoons can be, here are some ways to make the most of your kids time in the car with sanity-saving tricks, tips and essential products to keep the back seat chill whilst YOU stay calm, cool and collected in the driver's seat. And when you are all finally home enjoy family time!

The latest health trends in food + bev are just what our bodies need … but what exactly are these herbs, peptides, minerals and mushrooms {oh, my}?

Elevating kiddos lunches and apres school snacks to stay fueled + full  for the day on FOX 31 Colorado's Everyday Show … optimize their focus for learning … and fight off those ever present germs of back-to-school goin'!

For all those super moms + dads out there, here are some super foods to take your standard lunch bites up a notch {or 10 notches} for your super kids!

A Father’s Day gift guide sure to please any papa on FOX 31 Good Day Colorado!

Chatting GLAMPing essentials, a.k.a. living luxe outside on FOX 31 Everyday Show

Totally not packing light!

This is your excursion, taking all the thing that the ‘go lite’ campers might leave behind and having a fabulous time doing so!

It’s all about campsite comfort.

  Mother’s Day is this weekend!  Without further ado ... our   Mother’s Day Gift Guide   for any budget … or perhaps what may shape up your wish list!

Mother’s Day is this weekend! Without further ado ... our Mother’s Day Gift Guide for any budget … or perhaps what may shape up your wish list!

Earth Day! All day, everyday. Sharing is caring - so here are some of Colorado’s most eco-conscious companies changing the way products are made, from conventional to sustainable. Earth Day is all about realizing things you can do for our environment now and for future generations -- while still living fabulous and having fun doing it, of course!

What is EcoFashion and why should I care!? A few notable reasons include reducing your carbon footprint, keeping our water system clean, UpCyling used goods and supporting both local and sustainable manufacturing! The fabulously HAUTE fashion labels dropping sustainable style this season will have you rocking your own runway. Let’s go save the planet in style…do-good, feel-good and look fabulous.

Best sleep + wake up refreshed.  It’s all about bedtime rituals and ‘the little things’ in the morning.  Here are some key new products that will give you that edge to go-to-bed … sleep sound … and actually enjoy waking up!


Super Food In Skincare... dishing the latest trends on FOX 31 Good Day Colorado.  The essential oils, vitamins and extracts from foods are some of the most bioactive natural ingredients, and they are superior options for our skin to soothe, give a spectacular glow, hydrate and renew.


February is National Snack Month!  Here are some of the HAUTE’st and most innovative new snack trends hitting shelves --  nutrient packed and clean ingredient snacks.

I’ve made a few super-snacks and I’ll dish my favorite grab-and-go singleton snacks....or as I like to say stash snacks, those delectables perfect for keeping at arm's reach {and no further}… such as, in the car, in your bag, in your backpack, in your desk drawer!




Heather Smith,  lifestyle expert with theHAUTEbar.com, shows us the latest super food   beverage trends to incorporate now… and take on 2017 as the year to hit your optimal health habits!

Stock Up on Whole Foods...at Whole Foods!

Powerhouse produce like: Pomegranates whose polyphenols are powerful antioxidants which combat the inflammation that leads to a myriad of health issues. Or deep green veggies such as Bok Choy whose carotenoids are essential for eye health.

Or simple ingredient snacks like…

Made In Nature Tart Cherry Figgy Pops, are organic Supersnack energy balls packed with a few simple real food ingredients. All foods that come from the earth and shouldn’t dare be messed with and these are chock full of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, spices and grains; all with righteous flavor. Figgy Pops are a great source of fiber and healthy fats to satisfy your senses and power you through your day.

New Beat Foods’ artisan crackers are loaded with ancient grains such as: Quinoa, Sorghum, Teff, Chia seeds, Millet, Amaranth, Buckwheat and Oats which deliver B-vitamins, iron, folate, minerals and so many other nutrients… and they are super delicious.

Red Camper’s Blueberry Gin Deliciousness in an unbelievably tasty spread loaded with these tiny blue superfood powerhouses, sage, juniper berry and gin - quite amazing on pancakes, yogurt or straight off the spoon!

Or fresh pressed juices like...

Telula cold pressed juices made from pure, organic, fruits and vegetables.  This Blackberry + Chia is full of omega-3’s and fiber which are essential for heart and digestive health.  Farm-to- bottle goodness! Cold pressed juices press each ingredient {vs. blending, which exposes the foods to oxygenation and heat, which both degrade nutrients} to provide the most nutrient dense extract.

GoodBelly’s Pomegranate juice is a one-two super punch of polyphenols + probiotics.  Protect your heart and get a healthy dose of live cultures that support digestion {the studies show it!} like no other.

Coconuts, Coffee + Chocolate!

SoDelicious is my coconut-go-to because they offer amazing alternatives to your staples such as milk or yogurt and coconuts provide medium chain fatty acids which have been shown to have anti-viral and anti-microbial properties … and … the body metabolises these MCFA’s as energy instead of storing them as fat.

Siete Family Foods make Coconut & Cassava tortillas which are grain-free and nutrient-packed with low-inflammatory ingredients such as chia, coconut oil, avocado oil, and apple cider vinegar. If that’s not enough, all of Siete’s tortillas are also gluten-free, non-GMO, paleo, and preservative-free.

Bare Sweet Ginger Organic Coconut Chips are made with real, thinly sliced coconuts and organic ginger puree that’s baked to the perfect crunch and finished with a light dusting of organic ginger.

Birch Benders Paleo Pancake & Waffle Mix is made with coconut, almond and cassava flours.  So simply, this just-add-water, all-natural mix is naturally low-glycemic and packed with 5g of fiber per serving and has a lil’ monk fruit for the slightest sweetness.  Breakfast-all-day!

The best news yet is the superfood power of coffee - the flavonoids protect our bodies from everyday stresses that could lead to other more deleterious health issues.  Chameleon Cold-Brew takes 100% organic, Fair Trade coffee beans and slow brews them for 16 hours which delivers 50% less acidity than typically brewed coffee, resulting in a bold rich taste, naturally high in caffeine, providing a burst of jitter-free, focused, and sustained energy.


Ok, maybe even better news is what chocolate can do for you - such as lower blood pressure or boost your mood - which is always important as the winter months take hold.  Free 2B has these dark chocolate bars with cherries, sunflower seeds and sea salt which are absolutely divine and deliver on antioxidants in a big way.

Bone Broths

Bone Broths are rich in glucosamine which can stimulate the growth of new collagen and alleviate joint pain and inflammation... and gelatin which helps ease digestive issues... and amino acids which promote better sleep and help calm the mind….broth will also boost your immune system {take on cold and flu season with gusto}, brighten skin and even make your hair shiny! Phew.

Kitchen Accomplice Bone Broth is made from organic ingredients, rich with restorative and naturally balanced properties that help support healthy living.  This concentrate is super easy to store, and simple to add to anything.

My other favorite this frozen fresh bag of Bonafide Provisions Free Range Chicken Bone Broth which is also organic, was developed by a clinical nutritionist and packed with collagen and amino acids to support athletic recovery and healthy joints.


Matcha + Maca

Matcha is a Japanese tea high in the amino acid theanine which is known for its calming qualities as well as, loaded with a mega dose of antioxidants that research shows help combat the effects of aging and have been shown to burn fat.

Maca is a root veggie {within the cabbage and kale family} and adaptogen which helps increase the body’s defense against physical and mental stress and is energizing… and it is loaded with fatty acids, fiber and minerals.

Matcha LOVE is a premium, whole green tea leaf powder that’s rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, and contains a natural ‘calming’ energy boost - perfect for cooking, baking and smoothies.

Moon Juice’s Brain Dust delivers on the Maca and is an adaptogenic elixir to maintain a superior state of clarity, memory, creativity, alertness and space to handle stress.  The perfect dusting to any nut milk, coffee, tea or smoothie.



Heather Smith from Lifestyle expert from The Haute Bar shows us how to protect our skin during the winter.

For the face, eyes + lips you’ll want to nourish, fortify, and protect this delicate skin, as winter weather can be abrasive.

Tata Harper for the Face

Nourishing Oil Cleanser - a super gentle cleanser that cleanses without stripping the skin. It can be used on its own or as a makeup remover.

Moisturizing Mask - wear this mask overnight whenever your skin needs a serious moisture boost. You'll wake up with soft, glowing, plump and hydrated skin.

Replenishing Nutrient Complex - this face oil is packed with nutrients to nourish your skin while giving it essential moisture, helping to minimize dry rough patches or irritation.

Hydrating Floral Essence -  Lightweight and refreshing hydration that you can apply throughout the day, and even on top of makeup, whenever you need a hydration boost.

Plume Serum for Lashes + Brows

We often have serums for around the eyes -- but it is important to condition lashes and brows too. Ingredients like aloe vera, honey extract and watercress protect lashes and brows from breakage.

Glossier’s Coconut Lip Balm Dotcom

Castor Seed Oil - a natural plant extract, this thick emollient has unique water-binding properties that keep moisture locked in.

Beeswax acts as a protective barrier.

Cupuacu Fruit Extract - which is an organic moisturizer with Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids that melts into skin on contact.

Rice Bran and Rosemary Leaf Extracts - are antioxidants to combat free-radical skin damage.

For the Body

Ursa Major’s  Morning Mojo Bar Soap exfoliates and hydrates the skin.

Oribe’s Restorative Body Crème is indulgently rich and loaded with essential oils to soften rough patches. This body creme delivers the deepest hydration with oils such as sweet almond, meadowfoam & starflower oils which replenish, rejuvenate and softens skin while protecting against dryness and damage.

Kopari’s Coconut Body Oil or Body Milk are fast absorbing so perfect for everyday.

Guys can use any of these products, though I wanted to share Formulary 55 {a Colorado brand out of Pueblo} Shaving & Body Bars.


If you want an all-in-one set

This Winter Warming Spa tower from Waxing Cara will definitely rejuvenate as it includes: Peace Soak, Sea+Tea MaskStrength ScrubStrength Body Butter, Good Night Tea.

OR  Ursa Major’s Travel Kit


For the Hair

IGK’s Smoke & Mirrors Conditioning Cleansing Oil is a new innovation that takes the place of both shampoo and conditioner - all while leaving hair intensely moisturized with the help of key ingredients: coconut oil and sweet almond oil

OUAI  Treatment Masque is a deeply hydrating repair mask and includes tamarind seed extract and amino acids for maximum hydration, and artichoke leaf extract to protect the hair from the sun’s UV oxidative damage.

R+Co High Dive Moisture + Shine Crème is the perfect styling product to lock in moisture, as it contains Sunflower Seed Extract.

With our 300+ days of sun every year, one must never forget the Sunscreen + Sunnies

Mychelle {another Colorado company} makes this Solar Defense SPF 30 which is a zinc oxide-based sunscreen and formulated with hydrating Kukui and Macadamia Nut oils

Zeal, headquartered in Boulder makes stylish and technically superior sunnies that protect from UVA, B, and C as well as HEV light.

Being active outdoors -- look for clothes with UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) such as these Shebeest leggings or Phunkshun Wear’s neck warmer.