Beauty Foods + Bevies

Winter Beauty Foods + Bevies

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Curious as to what the haute-est foods + bevies are to keep skin glowing, hair healthy and nails strong as the winter dry air and cold, windy blasts take their toll?Here is the dish on feeding your body + soul for beauty benefits during this chilly season.  Here is the dish from FOX 31 GOOD DAY Colorado!

Start with your shopping list for the most nutrient dense whole foods … all available at Whole Foods Market! Let me say, changing up your food choices for the better does not have to break the bank … Whole Foods Market has an amazing app + digital coupons so you can save right at checkout and not have to clip a thing!

Vitamins. Vitamins. Vitamins.

Feed your face {hair + nails too} with with the most powerful antioxidants + electrolytes this side of the produce party.  Let’s get chatty about vitamin C, vitamin E, carotenoids, minerals, coenzyme Q10, flavonoids, polyphenols and all the other essentials needed.

Drum roll please… the 'beautiful you' shopping list includes ::

Avocados.  Your beauty booster.  Research has shown that avocados actually aid in the absorption of nutrients from other foods! Double your pretty points as these green goddesses are also high in monounsaturated fatty acids {the good fats} that are essential for healthy hair, skin + nails.

Kale {yay!!!} A trend we love to love.  This green can do no wrong being chock-full-o vitamin A, B6, C and K ...wait there is more...manganese, fiber + omegas.  Load up on kale to reduce inflammation or redness from the elements for a more zen complexion and keep your pearly white teeth strong and gorgeous.

Berries {frozen or fresh}.  I hope you think antioxidants when you think berries.  Good, you win berry beauty points because it is true and all these antioxidants aid in protecting from premature wrinkles. Berries are also rich in vitamin C which keeps collagen levels on the up and up and your skin supple, soft and strong so even when those cold gusts come your way your skin has its best defense up.

Flax seeds. If your skin tends to feel like a prickly pear in the winter, sprinkle these seeds in your salad and let their omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids soothe from within.

Almond milk. When it comes to a plausible anti-inflammatory antidote for reducing redness almond milk {vs. dairy} is the answer.     

Grass-fed beef.  Get the best protein to get gorgeous.  The lean proteins in grass-fed beef will keep your collagen levels in check and elastin in tissue taught.

Also add to your cart ::  Quinoa.  Nutritional Yeast.  Spinach.  Hemp seeds.  Salmon.  Red peppers.  Grass-fed beef.  Fresh almond butter.  

For the love of lemons.

When life gives you lemons...I always say make lemonade bellinis but that is a whole ‘nother story.

{stay tuned for my HAUTE bellini dance card...coming soon}  

Get lots-o-lemons in your life to up your Vitamin C status stat!  

Vitamin C is my favorite beauty vitamin {because we all need to pick favorites}, as this water soluble darling travels through our body seamlessly, surfing our cells to neutralize free radicals that the outdoor elements impose.   Lemons also act as a collagen booster and we all want more collagen production to maintain and defend for smooth skin + a vibrant glow.

I say, we all need a lemon tree!

California girls + guys are lucky for backyard bounties of this citrus...though this potted Meyer lemon tree from Nature Hills is in my front room and I simply can’t wait for the Colorado sunshine do its thing and for the lemon blossoms + sweet lemon babes to flourish.


More foods for looking fabulous.  I think we should begin with chips + chocolate.

Pass the Siete Family Foods anti-inflammatory tortilla chips, please and thank you. That would be this {gorgeous} bag-o-chips sans grains, rice, beans, soy and dairy. Remember…sometimes it is what you cut out of your diet that makes all the difference. Made with cassava flour, avocado oil, and other real food ingredients that are optimal for winter beauty from within.  Enjoy all the favorite flavors // Sea Salt, Nacho, and Lime. The beauty of Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips is they are Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten-Free Certified, Paleo + Vegan.  

Do have some chocolate to stay looking good longer. Cocoa flavanols found in dark chocolate help hydrate the skin and improve circulation which is so important in the dry winter months. This can only mean {well, based on emerging science} that smooth skin is in the cards for those who indulge {well, only indulge a bit}.  Alter Eco Chocolate Truffles combine the antioxidant benefits of dark chocolate + coconut oil.  


Olive oil may just be the pure beauty food of the gods. Packed with monounsaturated fatty acids and polyphenols, olive oil has been associated with fewer signs of aging and gives a youthful boost. California Olive Ranch has so many beautiful options such as their Mild & Buttery which pairs well with fish and sauteed vegetables … the Everyday which has a floral aroma and smooth flavor with hints of green apple and is a very versatile oil that is great for sauteing, baking, and roasting … the Arbequina which tastes very fresh and fruity with flavors of tropical fruit and fresh artichoke and is great in salad dressings or pestos, and atop ice cream … and the Rich & Robust that tastes full bodied and peppery and pairs well with steak and spicy foods.

The perfect pairing with this olive oil must have... Pappardelle’s fresh pasta which is infused with some amazing flavor + beauty foods. A few of their pastas for the pretty include: Artichoke Lemon Tagliatelle, Lemon Ginger Fettuccine, Spinach GarlicHeirloom Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella Ravioli and a Superfood Kale Pesto.  Each and every Pappardelle product is made from scratch in the old world style and the colors of their pastas and sauces make quite the gorgeous gourmet on your table too!

Grab + Go Beauty Bites

Soul Sprout is a line of sprouted food bars that are sugar free {sugar is on the hook again - cut it out - this time for making skin dull and lifeless, gasp} and offers incredible nutrition and enzyme activity from sprouted ingredients. The Cinnaminalicious Almond Butter Truffles are dainty delights that infuse almond butter with cacao powder and cinnamon (high in antioxidants and minerals), and the sugar is replaced with coconut syrup which is low on the glycemic index.  The Soul Sprout Nut Bars take sprouted almonds and mix with sweet fruit and powerful seeds for a hearty blast of antioxidants, healthy fats and essential vitamins and minerals.

Reach for a tin of Bela sardines for preserving collagen in your skin, upping the shiny hair game + strengthening healthy nails.  It is the crazy {awesome} amount of omega-3 fatty acids and CoQ10 in these little fish that do so much. And don’t go telling me you don’t care for them...these are so fresh and delicious you’ll be packing them in your purse in no time.  Mantra 2017: don’t leave home without mascara + sardines.  

Grab Health Warrior omega-packed + delicious chia bars.  Two new decadent flavors include: mint chocolate superfood protein bar and the vanilla almond chia bar. The Mint Chocolate Superfood Protein Bar boasts a blend of chia, quinoa, pea crisps and oats for 10g of clean, plant-based protein, plus 2000mg of healthy omega-3 fats and 5g of fiber. At 110 calories, the new Vanilla Almond Chia Bar is the perfect pick-me-up and contains 4g protein, 4g fiber, and 1000mg of omega-3s. Ounce-for-ounce, chia seeds have more omega-3s than salmon, more protein than an egg, and more fiber than flax seed, as well as antioxidants, calcium, and magnesium.


Ta-da. Ta-dow.  On the HAUTE bar now … Beauty Foods Smoothie.  Simply blend So Delicious Dairy Free Almond Milk + Justin’s Almond Butter + Frozen Bananas.  Almonds are rich in vitamin E and other beauty boosting vitamins and minerals such as manganese and copper for glowing skin - and are one of the best ingredients for those who struggle with acne - going dairy free has been associated with clearer skin.

Drink up. Sip on these for spectacular skin, hair + nails.

Pressed Juicery has nailed the recipe to glow with their Greens 3 chock full of lemon, kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery and ginger. The ginger adds a mild spicy flavor and has anti-inflammatory properties that can help with circulation that tends to be compromised in the winter and supports glowing skin. Pressed Juicery has also launched a Charcoal Lemonade that mixes lemon, lavender and honey with the detoxifying properties of activated charcoal.   

When lemon + collagen collide all good things happen.  

Collagen is a fabulously fibrous protein made up of the best in the bunch amino acids that keep skin firm, youthful and wrinkle-free.  Want some now!? Well, the dreadfully sad news is that we all start losing our collagen stores in our 20’s. What to do...keep drinking...

Dirty Lemon’s [skin + hair] formula was purposely designed to help your body regenerate fresh new skin cells, while removing older cells via a healthy detoxification. This is where the highest of quality ingredients in the formula come into play: lemon juice is the ultimate digestive and immune cleanser, silica-rich horsetail, digestive-booster cayenne, endocrine-balancing red clover, and plumping marine-collagen make the ideal balance of nutrition specifically for your skin + hair. This blend was carefully selected to improve skin elasticity, hydration and skin density, increase internal collagen production and offer nutrients for optimal hair health. Full nutritional information here.

More good news to keep glowing...coffee + wine are must haves.

Be your own beautiful barista. Another cup of coffee over here please.  

Up your ounces {ok, let’s be real, not too much darlings} and brew a cup-o for the sake of your skin as coffee is high in the antioxidants called flavonoids which fight against premature aging, inflamed red skin and free radical damage.

Califia Farms cold brew is a favorite as their beans are steeped to perfection and this is some smooth joe for smooth skin. Always pair it with your favorite Califia almond milk creamer as you must remember going dairy-free can be a blessing for calmer + clearer {acne-free} skin!

Red wine to stave off inflammation.  High in the antioxidant resveratrol, enjoying just a half glass a day can be a boon for beautiful skin.

…but not just any red wine...go biodynamic.  Look for wines certified by Demeter {a non-profit} to be biodynamic.  This method of farming follows the cycles of nature and is truly back-to-basics agriculture that is free from pesticides, artificial fertilizers or antibiotics.  Good for the planet and good for the people.  

Get more water in the winter!  CORE Hydration is an ultra-purified water containing an electrolyte and mineral blend that compliments the naturally occurring levels in the human body, resulting in a clean and crisp tasting water with a pH of 7.4. The pH balanced water undergoes a seven-stage proprietary filtration process that includes ultraviolet light, carbon filtration, reverse osmosis and ozonation, removing harmful impurities and contaminants - a water that tastes as good as it makes you feel! CORE’s Organic line contains as many antioxidants as a 1/2 cup of blackberries. Moreover… here’s where the wave of wellness swells….CORE Organic is only 5 calories per serving and it's low glycemic, suitable for anyone watching their sugar levels. Sugar, or high glycemic products, are known to increase inflammation thus inducing acne. Processed sugar also glycates the collagen which stiffens and ages the skin.

Still need + want a bit more of a beauty boost?

Amazing Grass has a whole line of amazing organic green powdered superfoods to keep inflammation at bay, but the ORAC Antioxidant Green Superfood version has a whopping 15,000 ORAC units (Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity) in just one scoop.

Gaia Herbs Golden Milk offers all the skin boosting anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric in an easy to make powder for a moment of “me time” at the end of the day. Golden Milk is intended to be sipped warm and blends the anti-inflammatory, skin and wellness benefits of Turmeric with herbs like Cardamom, Vanilla and Ashwagandha, plus Date powder. Gaia’s Milk Thistle supplement helps support healthy liver function which gives way to healthy, clear skin.  Their Hair, Skin, & Nail Support contains herbs such as Horsetail, Alfalfa and Nettles, all rich in minerals (like silica) that promote the healthy growth of hair, skin and nail tissue, while also providing a source of antioxidants.

Coromega Max Omega-3 Squeeze are soooooo cute… and can make you cute too!  These lil’ packets deliver one of the most potent doses of omega-3s, are delicious, and proven to have 300% better absorption than fish oil pills!